Littering vs. Unhealthy Eating

Yesterday afternoon, Prime and I went on our usual afternoon walk around the neighbourhood. We live in a fairly underdeveloped area so all that is around is our condo building and a high school, which means there are still tons of natural trails and park areas. It is great for us because I really wouldn’t like to go for daily walks through busy city areas and Prime loves to have the open trails to run around freely.

Where am I going with this? Well, there is a major downfall to these walks. Check this out…

I took these photos on our way back home after we had already walked by TONS of litter-filled park and trail space, so this is just a small glimmer of how much I see on a regular basis.

As we continued along our walk, I started to pay more attention towards what specific products people are littering. Soda pop cans, fast food packaging and containers, chip bags, candy and chocolate bar wrappers, cigarette butts… the list goes on. I started to realize that there is a common denominator here: the majority of litter I am seeing is directly associated with unhealthy food products. 

I can’t help but come to the realization that people that make unhealthy eating choices must be directly correlated to the carelessness of littering and polluting this beautiful World we live in [I am not saying that EVERY person that makes unhealthy food choices is also making the choice to litter] but I mean, come on, you’re not seeing vegetable, fruit, seeds or nuts, greek yogurt or protein bar packaging on the streets are you?

Later on in the day as I continued to think about this, I messaged a friend of mine to ask her opinion. She works for the city of Brampton so she is up-close-and-personal with pollution and litter on a daily basis. Coincidentally, her day yesterday was devoted to cleaning up part of the city. Check this out…



She agreed, as 99% of the litter she picked up that day was associated with unhealthy food products. Which also got her thinking “just because you eat something unhealthy, why ruin the world for the rest of us?” Of course, on occasion, I also delve into the fast food products or other unhealthy food choices, but just because I make that choice does not mean I am also choosing to throw the packaging onto the streets. After a long day hard at work, she cleaned up every piece of litter she could find that day.



Think about the impact she made in just a few hours [proud friend over here]!!! Sadly, it is nothing compared to the impact that littering makes both environmentally and financially each and every day. You may not see the immediate consequences, but what is the trickle down effect?

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